Roof Wash

Soft Washing a Roof

Save THOUSANDS cleaning your roof instead of replacing it!

Tired of stains ruining your homes curb appeal? I will utilize a low pressure SOFT WASHING technique to ensure that no damage is done to your roof.

The SOFT WASH cleaning process utilizes a professional grade roof cleaning solution, mixed appropriately with surfactants for your roof. This type of mix, partnered with a low pressure application, is recommended by most shingle manufacturers as the preferred method of maintenance cleaning. In addition to added curb appeal, a clean roof will give you the benefit of lower heating and cooling costs, a healthier home overall, and a prolonged life of your roof.

What’s growing on Your Roof?

These black streaks are called Gloeocapsa magma, or GM, which is an airborne bacteria. This cyanobacteria is a bacteria that gets its strength to survive through photosynthesis and the limestone filler found in the composition of shingles. In other words, GM is eating the lime in your asphalt shingles and compromising the shingle's integrity. In some cases (as you can watch below), this may even affect your insurance.

Other organisms growing on your roof may be lichen, moss, mold, or algae. Moss aides in shortening the life span of your roof because it retains moisture and in cold climates can freeze, causing damage to the shingle and granules. All these organics are unsightly, but more importantly, dangerous to your roof. Let me safely and professionally kill and remove these infestations.

Why is roof washing important?